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Temple Hill Baptist Church

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Church History

The People

Early Origins

The laying of the six foundation stones took place in November 1955. Plans for the church were first proposed in 1947 when the council told the Free Churches Federal Council that a site on the Temple Hill Estate had been reserved for a Free Church. The possibility of forming a union church, one for members of all Nonconformist churches, was discussed, but the idea was dropped. Eventually in 1951, the pastor and deacons of Highfield Baptist Church were asked to accept responsibility for overseeing the building works.

Part of the cost of the new church was met by a war damage claim on a church at West Norwood. Music at the laying of the foundation stone was provided by the Dartford Salvation Army band. The total cost of the building and furnishing was £1023. The new church was opened by Sir Herbert Janes, President of the Baptist Union in May 1956.

Laying the foundation stones in the front wall

The church as it stands today was originally designed to be the church hall. The main church was never built and land reserved for its erection was used to build warden assisted flats (now known as Norwood Court). These flats were managed by the Church and owned by the Baptist Men's Movement Housing Association but have since been sold to private management and are no longer a part of the Church.

Thriving in the eighties

During the eighties, the church was very active. There was a large and thriving youth community with many events being held throughout the year. These images were taken at an inter-church Sunday School sports event.


The Nineties Decline

A new hope

With the appointment of Marion Markwei as the pastor in 2008, a new era has begun. The church is slowly growing and, with God's blessings, will continue to do so. Why not come and be part of the next chapter in the history of Temple Hill Baptist Church.

THBC as at 2019