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    The Team Our Pastor and Deacons

            Pastor Marion Markwei

Marion became our pastor in July 2008. Was born and raised in Sierra Leone. She was forced to flee her homeland to neighbouring Guinea after a rebel war where her husband and two sisters and many others were killed by rebels in 1999. She was also shot in both legs. She lived in Guinea as a refugee until her family was given safe passage to Sweden, where she lived until 2007 when her family moved to the UK. Marion is a woman of genuine spirit, striving each day to grow and to help others too. Before her arrival, the church was in danger of closing its doors but thank God she joined us at the right time and through her faith and encouragement we are still functioning and through faith we would soon complete the building renovation work that is on-going. We, desire to build a church that would honour and glorify God through a vibrant and growing family of people of all ages and backgrounds. We want to be rooted in the Word of God and prayer, completely united in our love for Jesus and in our love and care for each other. Together, we want to become strong, effective and obedient disciples of Jesus, growing to become more like Him, with every member empowered by the Holy Spirit, discovering and fruitfully using their gifts. We want to fulfil His great commission and see His kingdom expand and flourish in this/our neighbourhood of Temple Hill and beyond. Above we want to reach out to our community to provide practical and spiritual support to all ages and backgrounds.

                                                                                                                       Tanya Stephens                                     Ola Koiki

                                                                                                                      Church Secretary                                      Deacon